Laser Surgery/LANAP

The LANAP protocol is the only laser gum disease treatment FDA cleared for True Regeneration. Simply put, the LANAP protocol can re-grow the tissues and bone lost to gum disease. Compared to traditional osseous surgery, patients say the LANAP protocol is:

  • Less painful
  • Less post-op sensitivity
  • Less gum loss (gum recession)
  • Very little downtime after treatment

LANAP periodontal surgery is a full-mouth procedure usually completed in one, multi-hour visit. It is very common for patients to quickly resume normal activities or return to work. LANAP is a surgical procedure, so your body will adjust depending upon your individual pain tolerance. The first few days following the surgery you may experience mild soreness of the treated areas- generally alleviated with Ibuprofen. It is rare for patients to experience any facial bruising or swelling after LANAP.

Post-Op Care

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