Connective Tissue Grafting [CTG]

Gingival Grafts

Gum recession may be unsightly, may result in sensitive teeth, but it always results in loss of supporting jawbone and unnecessary trauma to the softer tooth root. Recently, esthetic techniques have been developed to restore gum tissue on exposed roots. Dr. Roberts has performed thousands of these procedures and he is committed to giving you the best results possible.

Benefits of gingival grafting include:

  • Esthetic root coverage
  • Perfect match to adjacent tissue
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Prevent further recession and bone loss
  • Prevent root abrasion and wear
  • Prevent root decay
  • Balance the smile

It is important to identify the causes of gum recession in your mouth. You can’t change the genetics of thin gums or family history of recession but you can change aggressive brushing, clenching, and/or prominent tooth position. Dr. Roberts will help you identify and eliminate the destructive behaviors that cause gum recession. Then you can discuss the best options to repair the damage.

Post-Op Care

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