Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety


 The team at Encinitas Perio took early precautions to avoid spreading the corona virus. Just as HIV in the 80’s prompted additions to our safety protocols, so has the novel Corona Virus. 

This is a growing list of what we are doing for your safety:

  • First and foremost, as with any infectious disease, we try to avoid treating patients that are currently sick, so please tell us if you have any symptoms.
  •  Prior to appointments we phone, text, or email patients with questions asking about symptoms and exposure.
  •  Upon arrival, we greet patients with a no touch laser thermometer, and hand sanitizer. 
  •  Convenient parking is available in front of the office so patients are welcome to wait in their cars prior to their appointment. 
  •  You are also welcome to sit in our reception area and use our restrooms. These areas are sanitized with sterilize wipes regularly. 
  •  Additional clear barriers are in place in the reception area. 
  • Reduction of droplet splatter, (aerosol reduction) is a priority during all dental procedures.


What we're doing to prepare

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How we protect you from airborne particles

 How We Protect You From Airborne Particles 

 Here is a list of some of our solutions: 

  •  All four treatment rooms, (both hygiene and both surgical operatories) are plumbed with Isolite Systems—It is a comfortable barrier device inserted in the mouth that provides powerful and continuous suction. 99% of all aerosol never escapes the mouth. Think of this as a vacuum cleaner that is inside your mouth that you can rest between your teeth. 
  •  Our surgical assistants provide additional continuous high volume suction. 
  •  We are wearing additional PPE during procedures where aerosols are more likely. During those procedures we will be wearing N-95 masks, face shields, gowns, hats, and booties. 
  •  Five HEPA Ionizing air filters are strategically placed throughout the office that can filter out viral particles for added peace of mind. 
  •  As testing becomes readily available, we will have patients tested prior to surgical or aerosolizing procedures. 
  •  Know that we are well trained in infection control. California requires every employee on the dental team to annually complete OSHA training, that gives instruction in use of PPE and how to deal with blood borne as well as airborne pathogens. While COVID-19 is new to us now, it was not that long ago that HIV was considered new and deadly. 


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Your Safety has always been our priority.  We will continue to do our part to prevent disease spread while providing you with exceptional care.


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